Coach Nima, known for his copious game planning and preparation, writes out the schemes and matchup notes while players are warming up on the court.
Lg Gill is getting a ball-handling warm-up as he prepares to play a point center role to give matchup issues for gutter cats.
Kevin Samuel taking a break from band stretching to get a quick picture.
CJ Williams warming up his jump shot.
As LG is returning from an Achilles injury, a solid warm-up regimen Is needed to make sure his body is ready for long minutes on the floor.
Darryl Morsell practicing his free throw.
Xavier green holding follow-through.
DON Carey Jr. spends time listening to music and decompressing before stepping onto the court
Coach nima going to call the team back to go over the game plan after finishing his notes.
Coach Nimas has lengthy notes and game schemes.
Coach nima stressing the importance of not hiding during the hitter cat's press defense.
Team processing coach Nima's wordy game plan.
Xavier Green hydrating before going to court.
As the team begins trickling out to the court, damonte dodd stays back to review plays with coach Nima.
SHell shock during the national anthem.
Coach Nima reminds the team to stick to the game plan and to go out and "get this money."
Shell SHock brings it in to break it down before tip-off.
LG gill gets an open layup off a cut through gutter cat's defense.  
Don Carey Jr. making the defense pay for leaving him open in the corner.
Darryl Morsell picks up where he left off from last game, getting to his spots and rising over defenders for a midrange pull-up.
Darryl Morsell letting the gutter cats have it as shell shock goes up 8-0.
Mo creek coming off the bench to help spark a comeback as Shell shock is unable to find an answer for gutter cat's adjustments.
Damonte DOdd looking up realizing it's now or never to start a comeback before the elam ending.
Darryl Morsell uses an up-and under layup to throw off the timing of Gutter cats, big man.
Darryl Morsell is checking to see if Shell Shock's window is closing to advance to the regional finals.
Coach Nima is trying to encourage his players to keep fighting; as with Elam's ending, it's not over till it's over.
DOn CArey Jr. sipping water, during coach Nima's pep talk.
Huddle before the end of the timeout; the final break down of shell shocks run.
LG Gill talking to the referee about a possible missed call on a 50/50 ball.
LG Gill trying to cause gutter cats to turn the ball over
DOn Carey Jr. gets LG Gill's deflection and lays the ball in as the team fights tooth and nail for a miracle comeback.
DOn carey jr. relentlessness and 21 point surge still come up short as shell shock falls to gutter cats and is eliminated from the TBT.
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